Luurnpa Catholic school is part of the Wirrimanu Community located in Balgo Hills Western Australian. All students are Indigenous. The majority of students speak Kukatja as their first language. The local community has a strong and vibrant Indigenous language and culture. In 1982, the Balgo community decided to ask the Bishop for a Catholic school. They asked that the school be staffed by teachers who would be willing to stay and adapt to local conditions and that there be a secondary school so that their children need not leave the area for further schooling. They requested that their children be educated in the Catholic faith. Brothers of the De La Salle Order and Sisters of Mercy agreed to take over the school and Brother Leo Scollen became the principal of Luurnpa School at the beginning of 1984. At the beginning of Term 3 2011 the Kutjungka Trade Training Centre began. The Centre serves the upper secondary students of the Balgo, Mulan and Billiluna communities as well as providing adult education.

Today year groups are divided into the following; Kindergarten and Pre Primary, Grades 1 and 2, Grade 3 and 4, Grades 5 and 6, Grades 7, 8 and 9. The Upper Secondary attend the Kutjungka Trade Training Centre. Each class has a teacher and one or more Aboriginal Teacher Assistants. Every year the school is fortunate to have volunteers such as Share The Mission volunteers (De La Salle Volunteers) to support student learning.